A Thank You Story

Considering sponsoring a young person to attend YPAT? 

You may find this young woman’s story of interest…


I’m a 22 year old young woman from Queensland. I attended YPAT 2019 at Campion College, Sydney, thanks to the generous sponsorship of a number of donors. Attending YPAT has been one of the most beneficial experiences of my life so far. Before YPAT, I had limited interest in reading, literature, economics and the like. However, I can now safely say the list of books and articles I want to read and the knowledge I want to possess is unending. This is thanks to the very generous donors who sponsored and supported me. I cannot thank them enough.


The elements of YPAT that I enjoyed the most are as follows:

1. The People – It was refreshing and encouraging meeting so many like-minded, conservative, young individuals. Such people are very rare in this day and age. Having those individuals around me with whom I could discuss talks and lectures was one of the highlights of the program. These discussions included sharing my views and asking questions freely without fearing criticism from my peers.

2. The Content – Every talk was different which allowed me to walk into every talk with renewed enthusiasm and perspective. Each talk had a different lesson, focus and inspiration. I found them all very thought provoking. I especially enjoyed a talk on leadership which instructed us in ways to become the most effective leaders we can. This made me think: “If this is what makes a good leader – what qualities make a good follower/supporter?” I was able to ask this question and receive a detailed answer as it was such a small, intimate group of people.

3. The Lessons – YPAT opened my eyes to the advantage knowledge in these areas presents. I have spent most days after work reading articles in the News Weekly, Quadrant, The Australian etc. to further understand politics, government and our history. I now realise if we don’t know our history, we can’t understand the future. Thank you to all of my generous donors. I will never forget your kindness which has changed my life for the better. – YPAT Attendee 2019

Change a life

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