Liam’s Story
Seven-day intensive course without equal in Australia

News Weekly, May 20, 2017

Hi, my name is Liam, and I live in Melbourne. I grew up in a Catholic
family and had plenty of good people to look up to as mentors in my life. I studied at Campion College, which gave me an excellent intellectual formation, likely better than any to be got in most other universities in Australia.

In 2012 I attended my first YPAT program and this helped to shape the person I am today. My attendance of the training program has informed my political views and involvement ever since, and without a doubt will continue to do so well into the future. YPAT gave me options on how turn
ideas into action and the formation to do it well. It put my own
observations and education into an Australian context and a contemporary political Australian language.

YPAT not only laid out clearly how to engage with politics in Australia and how to effect change, but it detailed effective ways in which to do this. It gave me a network of people across Australia to work with who were at a similar stage in life to me. I am now part of a wide network of alumni and older mentors who have been part of The Movement.

While YPAT helped me to understand politics, it is by no means just for the politically minded. YPAT is a valuable and intensive education program for anyone wishing to be a more informed Australian citizen. Any young person who feels they have something to contribute but has been made to feel alone in their views or who simply doesn’t know how to engage with the political system will find answers, terrific resources and future friends at YPAT.

YPAT was started almost 10 years ago and a testament to its success is the number of YPAT alumni that I come into contact with. It is because of YPAT that we are now engaged in the struggle to defend the family and the integrity of human life from conception until natural death, and retain the Judeo-Christian heritage, which is the foundation of this nation. These are things we are prepared to fight for. While distributing information is great, and gathering signatures on petitions is essential, it is face-to-face engagement and long in-depth Q&As with real people that leave a lasting mark and can permanently change Australia. YPAT provides just that.

Nor is YPAT solely a once-off kind of experience: rather it is the making of a strong educational and formative foundation to build upon. It can help shape the remainder of your lives to be an effective force.The young, keen and good people of Australia need to be afforded the fine opportunity of YPAT whenever possible! The everyday, honest Aussie will benefit just as much from YPAT as the law student debater from Sydney University. From trade apprentices to honours medical students, YPAT has something invaluable to offer to everyone.

YPAT is a completely unique program, the likes of which is not found anywhere else in the country. I can speak first hand of the good it did for me and how the first serious step I took as a young man was attending YPAT.

The journey ahead may not be simple and is certainly not for the faint of heart, but the support network, information, resources, tactics, examples, templates and mentors that YPAT provides will prepare you to take on the future with the odds in your favour. Someone once said “Preparation is the key to success” and I believe that some of the best preparation for young men and women can be found at YPAT.

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