What is YPAT about?

YPAT is an intensive, 7 day residential program for young people interested in learning more about their culture and the political processes of Australia. It is based off Judeo-Christian values and encourages delegates to consider the world from a viewpoint that supports Christian Social Teaching.

What does YPAT stand for?

YPAT stands for ‘Young Political Advocacy Training.’ It is for any young person interested in learning more about the way our world functions – especially educational, social and political institutions. No previous knowledge of or interest in politics is required.


When & where does YPAT take place?

The next YPAT experience will take place in 2020 in Brisbane, Queensland during the mid-year university break in June/July. Further details will be available closer to the time. To be kept updated, please enter your details here. 

Who can apply to attend YPAT?

Any young person aged between 18 – 30 who has an interest in today’s social and/or political culture.

How much does YPAT cost?

The total cost required to fully provide for one person’s stay at YPAT is approximately $1,600 to $1,800. However, in 2019, thanks to some generous sponsors, we were able to offer the program for just $450 per person for the week.
Exact costings for YPAT 2020 are not yet available, but is is envisaged they will be similar. Enter your details here to be kept informed of costs.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please click here or email info@ypat.com.au .

Why does YPAT last a week?


To provide a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the different issues that impact modern Australia, the YPAT experience lasts a week (Sunday to Saturday).

Each day is themed around a certain aspect of today’s culture. Speakers, activities and workshops are carefully scheduled to provide an overall solution based view of the  selected topic.
The time period allocated also allows each delegate to  reflect and consider how to implement these solutions within their own communities.
In addition, a week provide the opportunity for participants to really get to know the other delegates and mentors,  forming lifelong connections and future working relationships.


How many people come to YPAT?

The number of delegates is strictly limited. We accept a maximum of 30 delegates to the YPAT experience each year. Please note that places may be filled before the cut off date.
This small number of participants ensures that delegates receive individual attention and mentoring by our leaders and speakers, with each person being involved in the learning process to the maximum of their capability. It also ensures close friendships are formed by all group members.

I don’t know anyone at YPAT. Will I make friends? 

We find that the environment at YPAT, where similar minded people come together to grow and develop over the course of one life changing week, is an ideal environment to make new friends and connections.
Many of our alumni report that they are now working closely with fellow delegates on both personal and professional projects.
‘Get to know you’ activities, communal meals and small class sizes mean there is plenty of opportunity for delegates to get know one another.

“(The best part about YPAT was) meeting everybody – being able to share meals even with the guest speakers was really great. The whole week was amazing.” – 2019 YPAT Alumni 

I’m not interested in politics. What will YPAT have for me?

YPAT is not just about politics. It’s about a deeper understanding of the cultural and social influences of today’s society. If you are interested in making a tangible difference in today’s world and meeting others who wish to do the same, then you will enjoy YPAT.

I’m not religious. Will I still find enjoy the week?

We do accept applications from those who are not of faith and have a limited number of positions available for those who are accepted. We ask only that you remain respectful and considerate of the speakers and fellow delegates.

I’ve been to YPAT before. Can I come again?

Absolutely! With a wide range of speakers, new traditions and a fresh group of delegates every year,  you will undoubtedly find much to enjoy during a second YPAT experience. Please note on your application if you have been to YPAT before so we can ensure we give you the best experience possible.

How do I apply?

You can apply to attend YPAT in 2020 by filling out this form. 

A member of our team will be in touch with you shortly to inform you of the next steps.
Be aware that capacity for delegates is strictly limited due to the personalised nature of the event and that places may be filled prior to the cut off date.

I’d like to support the work of YPAT

There are several ways to support the vital work of our program. You can donate here. Or you may wish to fully or partly sponsor a young person to attend who would otherwise not be able to. Please fill out this form if you are interested in becoming a sponsor. 

Thank you for your support of Australia’s future.

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