What people are saying about YPAT:


“I can’t speak highly enough about my YPAT experience. It was without a doubt one of the most stimulating, interesting and beneficial weeks of my life. The quality of the speakers that we had was absolutely incredible when you consider the size and cost of the YPAT week. This conference is great not just for those interested in looking to go into politics, but simply an interest in how the world around them works. YPAT covers a great deal more than just politics. What a wonderful conference!”



“The YPAT experience is one I would heartily recommend. It is a political education of the best sort: based on firm principles, non-partisan, geared to effective action and challenging of preconceived and entrenched views. I found myself agreeing with enthusiasm one hour, and disagreeing vehemently the next, but always being highly entertained and engaged. The week long, live in format is also great, as it allows for continued discussion with other participants and speakers.”



“I have always been passionate about certain issues, particularly human rights, life issues and freedom of religion but I always felt lost when it came to politics. It seemed like a big jungle that was too ferocious and mysterious for me to know how to enter it, let alone have an effect on it. YPAT was my ‘in’. By the end of the week I felt that I had the knowledge, skills and connections to not only follow what was happening in the political sphere but to make my voice heard.”


BA (Hons) Liberal Arts


“YPAT was brilliant! I’m not quite sure where else I would have been able to meet such a variety of crucial speakers, who made me think about the role I could or should be playing in society!”


Liberal Arts – Sydney


“This year I was fortunate enough to attend the first YPAT conference. I was able to meet with other young people who were eager to make a change … I would strongly recommend this to anyone who wants to become more active and have an impact on their local politics or to simply just learn more.”


Civil Engineering – Melbourne


“YPAT was an extremely beneficial experience for me. It gave me a rare opportunity to explore how society functions and gave me a better understanding of how to be a more effective socially active citizen in my everyday life.”

John- Paul

Melbourne University


“YPAT is an opportunity that I highly recommend you take up. The knowledge and experience you gain from YPAT will equip you with useful and practical skills that enable you to be an active member of your community, and let’s not forget the awesome social experience.”


Podiatry – Sydney


“YPAT was a source of inspiration during these troubling times. I particularly enjoyed networking with like-minded young people.”


Teaching/ Arts – Melbourne


Recognising the social and political issues of today’s society can be overwhelming and at times depressing, however, YPAT’s presentation of these issues is outstanding and the training provides education, information and preparation that directs to appropriate action.” 

Britanny – Behavioural Science Student


“I attended YPAT in 2014 and it was truly an incredible week! We were inspired and equipped by great speakers from across the country. Never before had I seen the Christian social teachings, from the great treasure trove of our faith, explained and specifically applied in a concrete manner to Australia. YPAT changed my approach to the political realm, by equipping me with knowledge and experience, so that I could be part of restoring our culture.” 

Frances – Liberal Arts Student


“Absolutely awesome conference, worth every cent, a brilliant and essential undertaking before entering politics.” 

Norbert – Law Student

“I didn’t know exactly what to expect from YPAT but was soon put at ease meeting so many other like-minded and friendly people. The speakers were great and it was so refreshing to hear the truth spoken so plainly and in a way that made so much sense. It’s a jam packed week but totally worth it and I guarantee you will come back with a different perspective and a passion to make a difference in our country.”


“YPAT attracts those who wish to be a part of the fight. YPAT is a unique initiative, focusing on educating young people in the origins of the problems in society today, and the role that they can play in improving the Australia of tomorrow. Many young people have a vision, but lack the means of action or the knowledge of appropriate action. ‘Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.’ (Joel Barker).YPAT participants are given the resources to combine vision with action every day. They are an assurance of a stronger Australia in the future.”

Siobhan, Founding visionary of YPAT program


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